The Simple Choice
for Large-Dose Bolus Delivery
A mechanical system to optimize the bolus delivery of injectable biologics with dose volumes greater than 2mL over a pre-configured rate and duration.
Strongly Preferred. Fully Customizable.
Prefilled, pre-assembled and pre-configured for your biologic, and supplied ready-for-injection with only three intuitive steps to commence therapy.
Supplied Ready for Injection
No filling or assembly required. Prefilled and fully integrated with your therapy to save time and reduce complexity.
Just Peel, Stick and Click
Only three steps are required to commence therapy for an intuitive, confident and comfortable user experience.
Patient-Centric Functionality
Human-factors inspired design with a large window, onbody safety lock, low-force button activation and needle-free disposal.
Standard Primary Container
Long-term, secure storage with a standard container leveraging type 1 borosilicate glass and well characterized elastomers.
Standard Filling Processes
Seamless integration with syringe filling lines and final packaging processes. No terminal sterilization required.
Fully Customizable
A scalable, commercial-ready platform for efficient customization to your specific drug, patient and brand requirements.
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.