Smart. Reusable.
Open the doorway to boosting rates of patient adherence and brand preference for your hand-held biologics.
Embrace the Future.
Create an integrated therapeutic ecosystem of drug, device and data to deliver significant value-based healthcare outcomes for patients, payers and prescribers.
Patient Empowering
Full color touchscreen simplicity, Bluetooth LE connectivity, automatic RNS removal, and user-selectable injection speeds.
Data-Driven Outcomes
Combining drugs, devices and data under an integrated therapeutic ecosystem to improve patient outcomes and adherence.
Reduce Long-Term Costs
Capable of being reused over multiple years to reduce the average cost of each injection compared to disposable products.
Any Prefilled Barrel
Open to use with standard prefilled syringe barrels, with the option of RFID scanning to read and verify drug labels
Minimize Waste
An onbody skin sensor prevents drug wastage, while the use of a prefilled syringe without a plunger reduces waste volume.
Fully Customizable
Platform-based flexibility in look, size, shape, feel and function to address your specific drug, patient or brand needs.
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. The Teneo Touch auto-injector is only available to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.