The Birth of a New
Generation of Auto Injectors
A fully automated and highly customizable reusable auto-injector that delivers everything a patient needs at the push of a button.
Fully Automated. Highly Customizable.
Smart, reusable and with user-adjustable injection speeds, it represents a major leap forward in auto injector technology with an array of highly customizable features including Bluetooth LE connectivity and pre-injection drug warming.
Select Injection Speed
Users can control the speed and depth of dose delivery to help minimize pain or discomfort during an injection.
Easy to Load and Simple to Use
Configurable for use with any prefilled drug, with intuitive steps to optimize therapy compliance and drive preference.
Sleek, Ergonomic Design
Sleek and ergonomic to build confidence, with further customization available to meet specific patient population needs.
Single Activation Button
A single ergonomic button automatically controls the removal of the needle shield and the initiation of the dosing sequence.
LED Indicators plus Bluetooth
A color-coded LED display keeps users informed during all stages of use, with the option to add Bluetooth LE connectivity.
Push on Skin Sensor
To minimize any risk of drug wastage, a push on skin sensor prevents the premature start of the dosing sequence.
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. The auto-injector is only available to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.