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Delivering Value for Injectables: Unmet Needs, Device Solutions and Therapy Outcomes

What constitutes value today for an injectable therapy? While upfront price will always be important, multiple other factors are being used by healthcare stakeholders to determine how a particular brand of injectable therapy should be valued against its competition. This article examines how and why pharmaceutical companies are leveraging innovative delivery systems to enhance and differentiate their injectable products so that they can generate powerful value-based healthcare outcomes amongst payers, prescribers and patients.

Selecting the Right Delivery System for Subcutaneous Injection

What is the peak dosing volume for a drug designed to be delivered via a bolus subcutaneous injection? At one time, the answer would have been a straightforward “up to 1 mL.” That answer however is fast on its way to redundancy. The rise of viscous biologic drugs, the shift toward patient self-injection, and the emergence of safer, simpler, and more convenient devices are all contributing to the expansion of what is possible for subcutaneous administration.

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