POSTED ON Oct 5, 2015
What constitutes value today for an injectable therapy? While upfront price will always be important, multiple other factors are being used by healthcare stakeholders to determine how a particular brand of injectable therapy should be valued against
POSTED ON Aug 14, 2014
What is the peak dosing volume for a drug designed to be delivered via a bolus subcutaneous injection? At one time, the answer would have been a straightforward “up to 1 mL.” That answer however is fast on its way to redundancy. The rise of viscous b
POSTED ON Apr 17, 2014
  As part of a campaign to draw attention to the rising costs of healthcare in the U.S., the New York Times published an article last week on how “Even Small Medical Advances Can Mean Big Jumps in Bills”. In addition to profiling advanced medic
POSTED ON Oct 17, 2013
The complexity of drug reconstitution has for many decades constrained the market potential for lyophilized drugs and vaccines. With multiple pieces of equipment and around a dozen non-intuitive steps required to reconstitute a lyophilized drug from
POSTED ON Jul 10, 2013
An increasing proportion of injectable drugs in development require novel delivery systems to enable their transition from the bench-top to the clinic and onto commercial success. There are also instances where conventional device solutions have been
POSTED ON May 16, 2013
It is estimated that around a third of newly approved novel drugs and vaccines, including biologics, are initially marketed in a lyophilized (dry drug) format for reconstitution at the point of delivery. The molecular complexity of some biologics can
POSTED ON May 16, 2013
To protect healthcare workers at risk of needlestick injury, the U.S., Europe and other international regions mandate the use of safety-engineered medical devices. Healthcare facilities are required to select, purchase and use devices that can elimin
POSTED ON May 16, 2013
Competition between brand, generic and biosimilar drugs continues to intensify across many disease states. Many blockbuster drugs and high-value biologics are also due to expire this decade. To protect or build market share and optimize revenues, it
POSTED ON May 16, 2013
Traditionally, healthcare has been delivered in hospitals and physicians’ offices, which a recent report described as the “First” and “Second Places” of healthcare. Healthcare is now converging towards the “Third P
POSTED ON May 16, 2013
More than a thousand biologics are either approved or in clinical development, which pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are targeting for the treatment of more than 100 acute and chronic diseases. Injectable biologics include monoclonal antib